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In the near future, the vogue shoe Lyu business enterprise& mdash;—The treasure Feng vogue nations’ controling a limited company authorized dealer has already successfully stationed in Philippines, Singapore and top-class shopping area in main city in Indonesia.

 treasure Feng vogue slippers

the treasure Feng vogue performance chief executive officer, Mr. Chen Qing Wei, said, the slippers were outdoor from the home alignment, cake in the market isn’t small, Southeast Asia the market contained huge trade business opportunities, Southeast Asia the region will be developing more important strategic function for the coming 20 yearses.The treasure Feng vogue will pass Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia four countries complete the deployment of radiating the whole Southeast Asia, in the newly arisen Southeast Asian slippers market, well scoop out consumption need and trade order business opportunities, avert from the traditional shoe industry& ldquo of competition vehemence;Red Sea& rdquo;Trade a market, expand vast shoe industry& ldquo;Blue sea& rdquo;Market.After doing big cake in Southeast Asia market, the treasure Feng vogue next move strategic plan will take the whole Asia as a landscape and finally carry out the ultimate end target of brand internationalization.

according to know, Bao Feng company the product sale order already more than 1000 houses and overaly Chinese grounds, such as hinterland, Hong Kong and Macau…etc. currently.Some market research indicate that 2011, the treasure Feng vogue group is China’s biggest cloth shoes exporter, in the center foundation of a nation soil the independent brand vogue cloth shoes sale ranks the first.

Recently, a pair of customized version of the Nike Dunk

online is fire, which is designed by More Than Art To Wear Iron Man the Nike Dunks. The body of the shoe in red leather for background, toe, eyelets and heel are golden embellishment, complete with the color of the Iron Man. The most shoes worth mentioning joined the design of the LED light on the tongue and heel, just echoes and Iron Man’s eyes, night wearing these shoes to take to the streets, definitely pull the wind to the extreme. Shoe box is also very distinctive, a silver suitcase, marked with the word manufacturing company Stark Industries Iron Man, giving the impression that this is more like just developed some kind of state-of-the-art weapons.

have such a parlance, a pair of good shoe, can take you to go to any place for wanting, travel over the scenery of various beauty.A pair of good shoe for the chemisette importance, not only pass pleasant impression and happy feeling, more important they completely can satisfy chemisette vanity and sense of superiority.The shoe Lyu is the at heart that necessarily matches a list article to early have become a lot of vogue personages like, various style of novel vogue and design let the shoe Lyu become the scenery line of a beauty.This scenery line equally extended snow ground Xue.

snow ground Xue not only give people warm, also very 100 take, to the utmost show vogue elegant appearance.Although have a liking for go to bulky and huge, also just is because its decorous, more the ability sets off by contrast a leg form slender high.Along with the rise of the snow ground Xue current, snow ground Xue got away from formely single image and integrated into more vogue chemical elements on the design, doubly was subjected to concern of the vogue expert.

the tide Xue of various different style pile up one after another and bring about snow ground Xue revolution in the vogue field.The brand that for example comes from an Australia releases the comfortable series that will ascend to release in the 2012 new product, a change snow ground Xue at in shape of simple, simple and honest.

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Refuse mediocre current’s deducing

prospect 2012 current main factors that the Xue designs, the most decisive 1:00 is to refuse mediocre, the EverAustralia design team walks world-wide locations, absorb inspiration in the different scenery, shuttle a field at various top-class vogue show, design the works of a vogue and practical perfect fusion.

this quarter the new product regardless is a creativity, still classic, all hundred percent fascinating, draw on people’s eyeball.

the designer all integrated into numerous current chemical elements in designing the shoe top of snow ground Xue, the colorful paillette embellished, the soft and bright color expresses a romantic attitude, make use of a bright color, lovely animal chemical element boldly, and cool rivet with sheer feeling adornment, display a personality of much more female side.Continuing the hair of former big heat design, and making use of area is larger, the shape is more bold, to the utmost luxurious and personality.In addition, stamp-tax and put together to connect will also greatly put brilliance, the designer pays attention to the design of detail more, various skillful fine design all displays the designer’s confidence to the vogue.

EverAustralia return to cooperate with numerous independent vogue designers and integrate the novel design concept into fresh clear style and diverse material, and don’t lose vogue elegant appearance while showing a personality and refuse the fashionable feeling for trending blindly.Satisfied to pursue the need of the vogue expert of personality.The for example big area makes use of the best furs hair and create star class of luxurious of and expensive annoy;Combine, create tassels and chain a race with robustly mix to take effect;Or combine characteristic and animal chemical element of snow ground Xue circle head circle brain, create interest to lovely of shape, again or mix race chemical element and lace to take, don’t lose in the romantic feeling sweet.

 EverAustralia snow ground Xue" refuses mediocre" the current deduces, the latest clothing picture- Chinese beautiful person

Measure the body makes to order of vogue personal status

the vogue come from a life, everybody has oneselfs all the comprehension of vogue, beyond all doubt, it is a kind of vogue experience to measure a body to make to order, live promoting of tasty more.EverAustralia specially released to make to order service.Measure the body makes to order of snow ground Xue absolutely make you bump the possibility of shoe to zero in the street and let you heartily express to the living realization and attitude.Pass and your exchanges and communication, record your will, analyze your viewpoint, provide satisfied service for you.Revise from the style, the skin anticipate a choice, detail embodiment, all the customer’s principle well expression, earned the favor of pursuing the personality and current personage and extol.

EverAustralia get into China, with make Chinese consumer feel natural, comfortable, health is power, rely on company real strenght and technique advantage snow ground of skin integral whole the Xue creates to help a people to turn of universal article, let snow ground the healthy article that Xue becomes everybody’s canning wears, feel come from Australia great universe of affinity and warmth.

from the Kun private orchid gold the coast meet the poetry that the romance snowings a sky to Peking to draw an idea, from the skyscraper of row upon row to make the great pastoral footpath of pure spirit of people’s absolute being , in the trip of life, can see a shoe point on lowering the head up the beautiful scenery, not is it 1 kind that enjoy.EverAustralia will keep company with to pay attention to live quality of you, step on a new itinerary, feel that the foot once walks of belong to his/her own scenery.

In the near future, French perfume the Ao orchid of designer is a guest a live of some channel to mention to such a standpoint:”Smell fragrant to know a woman”, in a twinkling aroused present audience biggest echo.Pass the type to choose the perfume to female to judge this chemisette personality in fact, this isn’t unfamiliar to man

the Mi is thin male shoe brand

in the near future, French perfume the Ao orchid of designer is a guest some channel live mention to such a standpoint:”Smell fragrant to know a woman”, in a twinkling aroused present audience biggest echo.Pass the type to choose the perfume to female to judge this chemisette personality in fact, this isn’t unfamiliar to man.For example, the woman who likes light laurel blossom joss-stick should very elegantly simple.However, along with at present the innovation of social development and consumption idea, the men tasty also becomes the focus that the ladies pay attention to gradually.Different from man BE, the woman isn’t to smell fragrant to know a man, but the men who pass shoes and wear dress tasty to examine those different types and personality.

remember some vogue field celebrity once said, “even if you were dressed in the suit of best in this world, but if the shoe that literally trampled a pair of fearfulnesses, that everythings all ruined.”The case that is in fact such is in the life all like that.At present, more and more of the man also start realizing a pair of good shoe of value.But different from woman BE, majority of men while choosing shoes, will insist the brand that oneself likes, and constant from beginning to end.Because to the men, they usually think greatly of brand content and function more, value through long not the classic style of Shuai, far more than turn the vogue that namely dies in a sudden.

market research suggest, a lot of men and consumers are after trying excessive brand, feel to don’t want to put it away most , the most endurable the constantly male shoe brand remains is that the Mi is thin.

Mi thin brand is BE established by the Hong Kong Mi border limited company independence in Philippines, company lord the recreational shoes, vogue of the camp man’s business recreational shoes, exercise recreational shoes.Many in the last yearses, with borrow to the unique insight of brand, the Mi is thin to delicately put together idea type classic and modern vogue knot, and pass to lead into Italy-made shoe craft and Jing to pick the best fine material, mark the “is fine, quality, comfort” principle Gu that the brand worships only step ground to throw in to in each shoeses manufacturing, letting the men really feeling the Mi is thin male the comfortable place of the shoe, thus also established its position in the high level market.

along with the gradual maturity of terminal market, the men also become more and more fine to turn while purchasing brand, goods than three of the service concept once went deep into public more.To this, the Mi thin male shoe initiative put forward a degree the body order to build, the shoe Lyu order characteristic service for building, the men not only can according to the hand bag, trip the business dress carry on a product to order to make and make it form to match perfectly, also can anticipate to do a choice towards using, in the style, function and process detail top independence to match, is enjoying a luxurious quality moment, feel that the different brand consumes an experience.

at present, the Mi is thin to have already boosted popularity and influence on the market in Chinese mainland, the establishment has a perfect sale chain and after-sales service, become the male shoe brand that vies with each other in rushing to buy.No matter is a mature and responsible career elite, still well-mannered daily life at home man, at put on Mi thin of a moment, will don’t hestitate ground drive Mi thin brand personality deeply touch:The choosing Mi is thin, choose to be different oneself.